Psychological Reaction to NCoV

 The outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China caused fear and panic around the world even though it was later found that the virus still has a lower fatality rate compared to SARS with 774 deaths in 2002 -2004 .

The truth is that many coronavirus patients have fully recovered according to Chinese officials. Most of the dead were the elderly and some individuals who had complications from other diseases that weakened the immune system.

Having panic outside of Wuhan, China has not been productive.

Just need a precaution to avoid the disease. The most effective is to wash your hands regularly and not touch your face.

Fear of the killer virus cannot be avoided, especially in the early stages of the outbreak, which causes panic because of the "fear of the unknown" that was not clear to people at first. The psychological reaction is natural, which is often worse because people panic instead of thinking about the right steps to prevent the disease.

The WHO and governments all around the globe have developed policies based on the principles of prevent, identify, and respond to outbreaks, such as coronavirus, all of which are firmly founded in epidemiological practice and solidly supported by evidence.

But by concentrating on this kind of response, they neglect to consider the immediate and indirect effects that these outbreaks have on women.
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