The novel coronavirus is a deadly disease from China, so the advisory of the Department of Health and even the Department of Education is strict to prioritize the welfare or health of the people and students to wash their hands regularly and implement the practice of proper hygiene.

Do not worry because the DOH implements quarantine as a public health strategy to isolate and isolate individuals who may be exposed to infectious diseases and if the person is from China to protect the public.

Self-quarantine can be done if the individual comes from China or other affected countries exposed to nCov is weakened to practice self-quarantine upon arrival in the Philippines due to strict vigilance in the screening of airports in the country.

The nCov infection has an incubation period of five or 14 days if it comes from China or another country that is experiencing nCov that the virus is widespread if sick one needs to isolate oneself for two weeks from other people or the public.

If you are experiencing a respiratory infection that is from China, you need to check up at the hospital. If by chance during the self-quarantine process, restricted movement inside the house is necessary. Monitor yourself, report symptoms to your doctor, and continue to practice good hygiene.

Stay indoors only for the duration of self-quarantine. Don't go to your work. Limit contact with family. Do not receive visitors. Do not attend public or social functions. Do not travel by any public transportation. Self-quarantine and get checked at a nearby hospital to be screened and given adequate medical management if you are from China.

If you haven't traveled from China, you don't need to be infected with nCov, but still be aggressive in strengthening the family's immune system.

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