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You and your group will probably be within the darkened world viewing many individual bones on earth along with old school runescape gold a gate with many skulls over it. As soon as you and your staff entered the gate, you're going to be given a time limit to kill all 30 level 50 Nemesis' soldiers in 10 Minutes. Of course, your team will help you, but in case you and your team do not make it in time, Nemesis will immediately develop and banish having a davasting dark ball or just grip all your teammates and also be sent to Lumbridge (together with your 3 Things, everything else will be lost)

If you and your team kills all of lvl 50 Nemesis' soldiers, A Dark stair will appear in front of your team. You'll be walking up a very long walk (or run) into the excellent door. Once you arrive, you are going to be given a warning that if you lose, you lose your belongings. Click on"yes" and confront the last battle of Rs.

You and your teammates will find a cut-scene seeing the dark lair and bones everywhere. At last, you are going to see Nemesis flying at the end corner of the Lair. Nemesis will give a loud roar which will possess your computer speakers making you have to purchase a new one off Walmart, so is the group. Battle: Nemesis will be flying toward your staff and stop at the distance between your own teammates. Will begin using its wings and utilize a wind attack (Like those bothersome evil chickens, But huge wind beats) to every one of your teammates, hitting around 40.

Obviously, you may use the Magic Candles defense, But when Nemesis sees that you simply using Prayer protection after a few hit Nemesis, it's going quit using breeze attack and begin utilizing Energy drain (Green powders on your teammates, Draining up to 50 Prayerpoints per 5 minutes ) Although you and your teammates can stop it by Attacking Nemesis difficult with no hitting you draining your prayer points.

When it gets to 1000 Hp, It'll quit using Energy drain and rest it tails, becoming on the ground for ultimate Melee combat. Nemesis does not walkIt runs really fast (probably 2x your Running speed) and begin attacking you with a Slash attack each teammate, Hiting up to 60. (It will switch to buy RS gold an another target as Nemesis strikes ) You can still use Melee prayer protection in the event that you still have some after Nemesis' Energy drain.


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