Stunning demon fairy

"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now?

Although you are a child at present, you are essentially a thousand-year-old monster, okay? Wood white from the corner of the eye gently pulled two times, slightly cold so glanced past, directly to the child's appearance of the cold fall to glance out of the door, just hide in the corner crying, out of the door corner hit a person, the child's body shape of the cold fall looked up, such a glance, all of a sudden let his body soar. In an instant, he changed back to the handsome man. Why are you here? "Can you come and I can't?" Then the lotus embers passed by him, and Hanluo turned his head and looked at the back of the lotus embers, only to see that his hand was behind his back, and his right hand was carrying a gray hairball. What was that? Chapter 8: Another abduction. Lotus Ember went to the Peach Blossom Forest in Muxiu Peak today and saw the person he had missed for 30 years. Qinglian, his sister Qinglian, at a glance, he knew that she was her, which made his heart tremble. He stood there quietly looking at her for a day, and as he looked at her, his eyebrows softened and the corners of his mouth began to smile faintly. Qinglian, she seems to have a good life. She is still so beautiful, and more delicate than ever, looking at people pity. She was still a little unruly and delicate, and spent most of the day leaning against the man in white, frowning slightly and calling the master. The man in white, his face is still so familiar with the gentle smile, so that his eyes slightly have some wet, but do not know for whom. It seemed that he was not Qinglian's master in white,Thyroid Powder Factory, so Qinglian twisted him with a little bitterness, and they stood together like a pair of people. If in the past, Qinglian would not hesitate to give her what she wanted. If in the past, Qinglian wanted to recognize someone as her master, it would be a blessing for that person. Lotus Ember would definitely coerce and lure him until he agreed, but now he looked at the two men below. Master, his heart jumped suddenly when he thought of this word. Master, you just dislike my stupidity and can't learn magic well! Qinglian snorted softly and turned her head to the peach blossom forest, holding her chin in a daze. Just call me Qingfan! Qingfan had a warm smile on his face, his eyes fell on Qinglian's body, and his expression was very soft. The Lotus Ember on the high place smiled gently, silly girl, if you like a person, how can you let him be your master? Maybe. He also has this meaning in his heart. Look at the way he looks at you. He is so gentle. It's like.. Lotus Ember suddenly felt unable to think, Kava Root Extract ,L Methylfolate Factory, unable to think any more. There is a pure face in the bottom of my heart, everyone is happier than her, after a long time, it is a slight sigh. Master, look. There goes that hairball again! Qingfan forgot everything about Bai Li, including meatballs, of course. Zhang Minzhi left behind the spirit animal pink pig Mi Duoduo did not eat or drink for seven days. When he was about to die, the hairball came out of nowhere and squatted beside Mi Duoduo all day long. Later, Mi Duo-duo got up. Mi Duoduo became an ownerless spirit beast and was fostered in the territory of Qingfan. I don't know what happened. Qingfan felt that he was very kind to the pink pig, very familiar, very familiar. Probably because it's pink! The Shaohua Sect now has a lot of new disciples. Mi Duoduo's performance at the Fairy Sword Conference was talked about. In addition, its lovely appearance is deeply loved by girls, and there is a long line of people who want to take it as a spirit animal. It's a pity that Miduo doesn't seem to want anyone, otherwise, if he changes his owner, his sadness may gradually fade. After all, its life is still long, Qingfan does not want a pig to learn to be sad all day long, even more sad than people. The hairball came many times and was discovered by Qinglian. Then Qinglian liked it very much and took Qingfan to catch it and gave it to her. Qingfan agreed and caught him once. Only when he carried it in his hand, he saw the hairball's eyes, the ruby's eyes seemed to be angry, sad, and full of emotion as if a cloud had covered his heart. That day, there was no smile on the face of Qingfan with a peach blossom face for the first time, but he didn't know what it was for, just like the bottom of his heart, inexplicably by the red eyes. Poked a hole. Although Qinglian was unhappy, he pretended to lose it by mistake. Qingfan pointed to the teeth marks on the back of his hand and said that the hairball was very disobedient and took the back of my hand to practice his teeth. Qinglian, who had beeped her mouth, suddenly panicked. She grabbed his hand and looked at it, but she didn't care about the hairball. Her distressed eyes shocked Qingfan for a moment. Faced with this woman who was very familiar to him like a lotus flower, the emotion in his heart could not even be fathomed by himself. What was it! "Shifu, Shifu, you must help me catch it this time. Look at it. It's dirty, black and thin. It's so pitiful. If I catch it, I will take good care of it, give it good food and clothes, and treat it with the same sincerity as Shifu!" Qinglian looked at him longingly, and her eyes were so familiar that the strings in Qingfan's heart touched inexplicably. OK He nodded subconsciously, as if he didn't know how to refuse. Qinglian pursed her lips and giggled. She found that as long as she looked at him with such pure desire for a deer, it seemed that he would agree to any request. Of course, except to be her master, but now, she didn't want to be his apprentice as much as she did at the beginning. When the hairball saw him coming, he tried to escape but did not escape. He only looked at him with his ruby eyes. It was not until he reached out to catch it that the hairball reacted and tried to jump out, but it was too late. He held it carefully in his arms. Mi Duoduo didn't know when he came. He sprayed a big fire at Qingfan. Peacock Qingluan liked to fight with Mi Duoduo on weekdays,Heme Iron Polypeptide, but today he didn't move. He just stood there quietly, his eyes rolling like bamboo drops, as if he was thinking about something.


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