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"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now?

With a deep sigh, the gentleman said that it was inevitable that you would run into a wall. Jane Fanning herself said that her death had nothing to do with anyone. What injustice do you hold? Besides, everyone lives according to their own wishes and does not force others. In our time, in a broad sense, there are no heroes who kill the rich and help the poor. You're really fighting with windmills. Section 42 Something came up that upset all my arrangements. Uncle Teng came to me. This old man, always as smooth as regular script, panicked today so that the bottom of his white overalls was lifted outside, as if he had just been turned over by his grandson. Dean, where do you think it can go? It was locked in my drawer all the time. How could it be lost? What can I do! He frowned so tightly that a gray eyebrow fell on the bridge of his nose and was glued into a "one" shape by sweat, as if there was a small scar that seemed to be growing. It looks funny to me. What else is there to be afraid of compared with the disaster I have encountered? So I said to him very calmly, "Dr. Teng, don't worry, speak slowly.". Nothing can overwhelm us. My calmness infected him. He calmed down and said that detoxification was a new profession, and although I was an old doctor, I had no idea. I said, instead of starting with personal history and family history, please go straight to the chief complaint. Don't want the old man is very stubborn, refuse to obey my instructions, said the dean, I still say a little more detailed,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, so solve the case, the clue is clear. I try my best to control my restlessness. Because of the interference of "seven", I sometimes become moody. I said, okay. Dr. Teng said, I have a register full of original records of patients. From the name and home address to the treatment plan, the patient's response, as well as the follow-up and follow-up after discharge,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, there are detailed records. I interrupted and said, I know. It's more comprehensive than a hospital medical record. Dr. Teng said, at least about the same. It's just another copy of the medical record, with some dynamic changes, such as the patient's recent reaction, which may be more timely than the computer. I want to accumulate first-hand information, which is conducive to the improvement of business. I said impatiently, "Don't say anything more about your subjective motives. I don't mean to blame you.". Maybe I will praise you. Every doctor should love his job. But it was lost. It's so weird. When I got off work that day, I put it in the drawer. I remember very clearly that I attended a few days of academic conferences. When it came this morning, it was gone, I mean, the book was gone, everything else was there, nothing was missing. In fact, Theobromine Powder ,Sex Enhancement Powder, if there is nothing else, it doesn't matter, the blue register is gone, this is the unique medical document in the world. Dr. Teng hit his head hard with the copper head of the stethoscope, making a crisp sound. I said, Dr. Teng, the stethoscope is public property. If you break it, I will fine you all the bonus this month. Then he stopped reluctantly. There seemed to be a hundred centipedes crawling in my head, leaving mysterious traces on the sand. This is the wings of "seven" interfering strongly with my thought process. I drove the centipede's wriggling toes and gathered all my energy to deal with the strange theft. What is the use of this book for ordinary people? I rubbed the Fengchi acupoint and asked. No, it doesn't work. There's not even a blank piece of paper left. You know I'm a very frugal person. Besides, my handwriting is very sloppy. It's all medical terms. I quickly cut off his words and said that the man who stole the register was interested in your words and terms, wasn't he? Dr. Teng was startled by this statement. His forehead, which was covered with oil and sweat, immediately turned white and said, "Do you mean that a spy has taken a fancy to my register?"? I laughed and said that the traditional spy was not so elegant. I think it's my own people. Dr. Teng said, who?! I said, who would be interested in something that is full of scientific flavor? Only doctors, doctors with ulterior motives. Dr. Teng said, who could it be? There is nothing valuable in the drawer. I have a special key. I put it in my work clothes pocket on weekdays. If our own people want to set me up, there are plenty of opportunities. When I go to the canteen to eat, you know our rule is that doctors are not allowed to wear work clothes to eat in the canteen, which will pollute the environment. If we find this time to start, hundreds of keys will be stolen out.. But I still think impassability, you want to know the patient's information, ask me for it, I never intend to keep secret, why do you want to make such a dirty means! Uncle Teng was filled with indignation for no reason, and his face was mixed with a very naive look. I'm late. Your royal blue book is very useful. We can track down all the patients we've treated in the past. If it falls into the hands of drug dealers, how many people can resist the temptation to deliver goods to their doors if you know the quality of their conduct? When I was dozing off, someone brought me a pillow. Others came under a pseudonym, but the registered address was true. With this material, it is also possible to extort money at home. Whoever wants to give up drugs again, they will treat the patient as a cash cow, give up drugs at a high price and make huge profits. If drug addicts collude with each other, the consequences are hard to imagine. Dr. Teng shouted, "Dean, don't go on!"! It's terrible. If I had known there would be such serious consequences.. I won't leave a word except for the formal medical records. What can I do? I'm not afraid of anything for myself. I'm worried about the drug patients. If such a material is taken by the gangsters, they are not adding insult to injury! I said, Dr. Teng, don't take things too seriously. Tomorrow morning, open the drawer and you will see your royal blue register. But I can't guarantee whether it will be as smooth and clean as before. Dr. Teng turned the corner and said with a smile, "So you took it away, Dean, you scared me.". The old man is not like you young people. Feel my pulse. It's 150. I said, Dr. Teng,Quillaja Saponin, why don't you review yourself? How could it be me? I can't do that! I'm just saying to help you find it. I have a guess. I hope it's right. Dr. Teng left in a muddle. With my back against the wall, I watched the "white harmony", watching the faint blue gas rising in the sun and entering my heart.


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