Reborn, I became the East Emperor Taiyi.

"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now?

The crowd also reacted from being lost, just in time to hear the old woman say "immortal". I also thought Xuanming was an immortal. Worship one after another, make Xuan Ming some dumbfounding: "This is what kind of a group of people ah!"! Now the Terrans may be under the influence of Taiyi. In the subconscious, people in heaven have been regarded as immortals. Xuanming was naturally clear about this. She didn't expect that the Great Sage of Witchcraft would become an immortal. If it got out, I really don't know what everyone would think. Xuanming wanted to laugh, but he couldn't. Can also know that this group of simple people do not know anything, do not feel angry, so as I said before-dumbfounding. In fact, this can not blame them, Xuanming to the United States, naturally attract attention. That group of people saw Xuanming, has long been lost in it, just everything is just an instinctive reaction, not a sober performance. Although Xuanming can trigger their various States of mind, but this is only a variety of subconscious effects, this group of people are just ordinary people, how can they react? Therefore, they will wait until the reaction comes before prostrating themselves. Xuanming looked at the young man lying on the ground, slightly probing, but it was a minor injury. A little surprised, but also quickly reacted to come over: the human race is fragile, in the eyes of the monks is a minor injury, in the eyes of ordinary people is not the same, he did not have a panacea, also can not like the monks have all kinds of means to stop bleeding. If not treated in time, it can also be fatal. The most important thing is that ordinary people have been mortally wounded,Serum Bottle With Dropper, how many people can be treated? Even if other people want to help, they are powerless, they have no power, how to help? As for the Terran monks, not to mention, the development of the Terran also depends on them, they have more things to do, but also have time to practice, death of one or two people is normal,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, how can there be time to pay attention to these? How could the old woman not be frightened and cry sadly? After Xuanming figured everything out, he nodded to the old woman, took out a bottle, took out a drop of water, and dripped it on. The young man's wound was closed with the naked eye. What was more amazing was that the sundries in the wound could be discharged automatically. It is estimated that it will not be long before the young man gets better. In fact, it is not only better, but also invulnerable to all diseases in the future. To say that this water is actually not much magic, is the innate water plus some elixir. Don't see that it's just a small bottle, it's also a big space inside. Besides, what's the difference between what a great sage of witchcraft takes with him? To say that this bottle capacity, Xuanming is put there, let it drop, it is estimated that it can drop for tens of thousands of years, so Xuanming this trip, there is no such low-level problem. In addition, this potion is actually also used by the sorcery monks. They major in the physical body. Some of them are impatient. It is inevitable that there will be some problems in the process of practice. At this time, with these innate waters, add some elixirs, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, and they will soon get better. It is wonderful. After a while, the young man woke up and suddenly found himself lying on the ground. "Where am I?" He asked. Turned to see his white mother seemed to have cried, hurriedly asked: "Niang, you how?" Not only everyone was surprised, but even Xuanming felt a little incredible. However, Xuanming did not forget the purpose of her trip and did not want to cause complications. After the mother and daughter talked for a while, they said, "Now that this person has been saved, this saint will leave." Hearing this, the mother and son also reacted and thanked them hurriedly. Finally, under the hard questioning of all the people, Xuanming "embarrassed" her name everywhere. Although Xuanming is so artificial, it seems a little hypocritical, but the current situation of the sorcery door can only be so. [Text Chapter 62 Our Lady of the Most Good] Chapter 62 Our Lady of the highest good. When Xuanming left, there was a burst of praise from all the people. Such a scene made Xuanming move in his heart and realize something: The sufferings of the human race are well known. Although it has been taken care of by Taiyi, it is difficult to be comprehensive. If I can make up for it, it will also bear a good fruit with the human race. The cycle of cause and effect will lead to the prosperity of the human race in the future, and the sorcery door will also last forever. In fact, other saints are not unaware of this problem, although the human race is thriving, but in the eyes of the saints, the human race still exists like a mole ant, in order to lower the identity of a mole ant, the saints naturally refused. Of course, Nu Wa and Tai Yi are exceptions. Nu Wa and Tai Yi are the Holy Father and Holy Mother of the human race. The human race is created by them. It can be said that the human race is their child. Even if they have no feelings, they also have the obligation to take good care of the human race. This is a responsibility that cannot be evaded. But the good thing is, Taiyi, Nuwa proof is not heartless, do not need the human race to say, Taiyi took the initiative to take care of the human race, otherwise the world's first group of human race will not live in heaven for a period of time. Xuanming is now traveling around, doing some fine work to help people cure diseases, occasionally helping the human race to collect some medicines, but also by the way to do some things for the human race that they think are insignificant. These things, in her eyes may be trivial, but in the eyes of the human race is not the same, Xuanming do a lot of things they can not do, such as the human race is difficult to collect herbs, some rare herbs, there are some small demons watching, they simply do not want to think, can be replaced by Xuanming hand, those small demons do not run far away? Plus the identity of Xuanming, there is no little demon dare to rob after autumn, not to mention the great God Taiyi against the human race. If let too angry, Xiaoyaojing casually sent out a small wave, you can clean up all of them these little demons. If Xuanming had paid attention, he would have known that the little medicine she picked at random would be enough for the human race to use for several years, and he would have understood why she was so welcome everywhere she went. However, this trip made Xuanming a little confused that she often met some injured young people, and the same as the person she saved for the first time. When I woke up, I didn't know what had happened. If Xuanming didn't have something to do, he would have gone to check it long ago. West Zeus was somewhat "angry" and said, "How can this Eastern friar spoil my good deed?" See you, Athena. He said with a smile, "It must be my father who has ruined the good things in the East." When Zeus heard this,Blue Bottle Serum, he didn't care. "I thought I could only catch some small fish, but I didn't think there was a big fish," he said with a smirk. 。


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