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"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now?

Chou Ren got married three years ago. His wife was not beautiful, but she was gentle and lovely. She was born in a scholarly family and was trained by the court when she was young. She only knew that her husband was everything to her. She obeyed the doctor absolutely and devoted herself to her husband unconditionally. It was a kind of almost stubborn piety, a kind of indescribable reverence. She loved and hated more than her own life. She was not a Jianghu person and had nothing to do with this. Moreover, until now, she can say that it is not clear how much meaning the word Wulin contains. That's it. She and Chou Ren were engaged in their hometown when they were young. Although Chou Ren's living environment after growing up was totally different from the traditional Qing Dynasty she was familiar with. But she did not hesitate to marry him. Of course, after many years in Jianghu, Chou Ren has not forgotten his moral responsibility. Chou Ren traveled thousands of miles back to his hometown three years ago to marry his wife, who was engaged when she was young. During his days outside, he did not fall in love with any young woman. Although they are often better than his present wife, today, Chou Ren is more grateful for his choice and decision three years ago, his wife is not the most beautiful, but it is the best! —— Qiu Ren's wife's surname is Feng, and her name is Feng Jiaqi. On this day, it was the fifth day that he saved Qu Wuji. Downstairs, in an elegant and comfortable small hall. Chou Ren and Qu Mowgli were each chatting on a large arm-chair made of Teng and covered with a thick cushion. On the black and bright table inlaid with mica stone between them, there was a cup of fine porcelain tea with a gold border. Facing the propped up window, they chatted while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere in this beautiful environment. This is the morning. He picked up the cup and swallowed a mouthful of tea. Qu Mowgli's complexion was much more ruddy and healthy. He breathed a sigh of contentment and said with a smile, "To tell you the truth, brother, when I come to your elegant residence like a fairy, under the influence of this kind of calm and emotional appeal, my own heavy breath has been restrained a lot unconsciously. You don't look like the residence of a Jianghu tyrant here." It smells like a scholarly family- "" Smiling, Chou Ren said, "It's all my wife's work. If there were no her in this house,oil dropper bottle, I'm afraid it would have become the Juyi Hall in the Stronghold." Qu Wuji said from the bottom of his heart, "Brother, I envy you for having such a happy and warm family, and I envy you even more for having such a well-educated, dignified and virtuous family. You know, it is rare for Jianghu people, especially a famous hand, to have such an environment." Nodding his head, Qiu Ren sighed with emotion and said,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, "I agree with you very much, so my wife is not a person of the same way. What's more, she doesn't understand all kinds of things in our circle at all. As long as I can always be with him, I can live a safe and quiet life. I love her very much, so I try my best to do what she wants." This is also the minimum requirement of every wife. I am glad to say that I can barely do this step at present. If it is not necessary, I will never stay away! Laughing, Qu Mowgli said, "If I were you, I'm afraid I would be like this!"! People say, 'It's better to stay at home than to go out.' Besides, your home is the warmest home. Chou Ren said serenely, "Sometimes I feel uneasy.." Dazed, Qu Mowgli said, "What do you mean?" Picking up the cup and taking a sip of tea, Chou Ren said, "I'm afraid you won't think so." "Not really, brother," said Qu Wuji hurriedly. "Tell me, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, why do you sometimes feel uneasy?" After pondering for a while, Qiu Ren said slowly, "Brother Qu, I ask you, have you ever had this feeling-when you are in front of a beautiful scene, have you ever hoped in your heart that this beautiful scene will always remain the status quo and not disappear?"? For example, the gorgeous peach grove, the elegant Yunshan smoke field, and the beautiful night under the love light of the Jade Gorge. Qu Wuji touched his head and said, "Of course I had this feeling.". ” "That's it," said Qiu Ren slowly. "In fact, we can't keep that beautiful scenery forever. The flowers will run out, the smoke and clouds will dissipate, and the moonlight will eventually be used. The world is not like this. A happy family may not be as happy as it is today forever.." Shaking his head, Qu Wuji said, "I don't think so." Smiling, Chou Ren said, "I knew you wouldn't think so. I'm not surprised." "No, I have my reasons," said Qu Wuji. Qiu Ren gave a cry and said with a laugh, "Please say something." After a moment's hesitation, Qu Mowgli said, "Yes, good times don't last forever. This is an old saying, but it is also a natural evolution of all things in the world. It always follows a regular line. When the flowers are in full bloom, of course they have to be adjusted to zero. When the moon is in the middle of the sky, they will sink. When smoke and clouds condense, they will dissipate even more. Otherwise, the world is not so perfect."? So for this inevitable result, we should not be afraid of it, just as a summary of the final arrival, the important thing is to enjoy the good days before reaching the end, right? After taking a sip of tea, he added, "Brother.". You are a happy person, no matter what happens in the future, at least you have a good face! Many people, including my own, can say that they have not even enjoyed such a day of fear. With a slight smile, Chou Ren said, "But people can't be satisfied. Especially, who doesn't want to live a warm life like a change forever?" He sighed again and then said, "What I'm afraid of is that I shouldn't have been suddenly shattered at the end of nature. It's not impossible, especially for a Jianghu man." Qu Wuji said quietly, "But you are different, brother, unless that man is crazy.". How dare he destroy your family and your happiness? You are not others, you are'Tiankui Star ', for you, there is enough power to prevent all man-made conspiracy. Qiu Ren shook his head and said, "There will be a mistake in the end. Brother, no one can guarantee that he will win all his life." With a sigh of relief, Qu Mowgli said, "That's it. Is the person who intends to hurt you not afraid of your revenge?"? No one wants to mess with a tough enemy like you. With a smile, Chou Ren said,Oil Dropper Bottle, "You are so good to me, brother, but in fact you are not." 。 penghuangbottle.com


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