Cat Male Observation Log

"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now?

After playing a few sets of ladder, the mobile phone rings, Mu Heng tired eyes slightly droop, looked at the mobile phone screen, the original is some proud little bastard. The corners of the mouth unconsciously raised a faint smile, but at the moment of turning on the phone, the smile froze on the lips. What she sent was a picture. The whole scene is gloomy, with a man and a woman with white faces and bloody corners of their mouths making faces at the camera. It really startled him. Mu Heng was speechless, but after careful observation, he found that it was Ji Yanshi and Yu Tianqing. With a sigh, it turned out that this guy had a rich life after leaving himself. Unable to tell whether to be gratified or disappointed, he replied sourly, "Where did you go to play again?"? Trying to scare me to death? "Hey, I went to visit the class and was caught playing a ghost." She gave a brief explanation, and there was no news. ……” After playing the ghost, Ji Yanshi felt quite cool. She acted in a movie for the first time. Although it was just a flash, she had such a sense of achievement. This made her want to draw a story about a horror film actor who met a real ghost on the set. She was wearing makeup, in the dim light of the old house quietly told the idea of Yu Tianqing, the coward was scared to stand. After removing the makeup, they looked for a place to eat. Yu Tianqing asked her in a gossipy way: "What did little Xixi do today?" "I don't know, it's overtime." Ji Yanshi also wondered about it for a long time. "It's too hard to work overtime on my birthday." "Oh, no wonder she asked me to play with you." Yu Tianqing lamented in boredom. ……” Only then did she realize something was wrong. "Tan Xite asked you to play with me?" Yeah, he called me out of the blue the other day. I think I'm going to be filming,coltan ore processing, too. Why don't I ask you to come and visit the class? "Just before you called me?" "Mmm." He nodded. "What's the matter?" "No, when has she ever been so considerate to Tan Xi?"? And find someone to play with me? “…… When you say that, I also think she has a conspiracy. The two gossips, anxious to see the world in disorder, formed an alliance. They ordered two cups of lemon tea in a Hong Kong-style restaurant and brainstormed together. The first step is to call Tan Xi's colleagues and learn that she did not work overtime. The second step is to analyze where she went. If you want to say something shameful. Even the last blind date of the IT man she said ten words have seen, Tan Xi in the end what must not let her see? Ji Yanshi thought about the phone call that day over and over again, and always felt that Luo Zixin's phone call was also full of disobedience and feeling. So she boldly put forward the hypothesis: "Do you think they will secretly date?" Yu Tianqing also seemed to be suddenly enlightened, suddenly pounded the table: "If this is the case, I will never forgive her!"! It's such a big thing to hide from me! Get out of here. Does it have anything to do with you? If you're angry, I'm ahead of you! Ji Yan was the first to refuse and took the lead in the internal strife. All right, all right, you're good, magnetic separator machine ,Portable gold trommel, you sir, I'm reborn. Seeing this, Yu Tianqing had to show weakness. "What should we do next?"? Call and ask? "You are stupid!" Ji Yanshi finally had a chance to say that others were silly, and in his heart he still felt a little cool. "Didn't you frighten the snake in the past?" "What do you say?" He simply spread out his hands and left the decision to her. She smiled strategically and shook the lemon tea in her hand seemingly inscrutably. "If Tan Xi is really with Luo Zixin, then the place they can go is too easy to find." A famous French restaurant in the city center, VIP room on the third floor. The waiter knocked on the door and smiled at the man inside. "Mr. Lowe, your friend is here." "Damn it, plan ten!" It was Luo Zixin's first words after seeing her, almost gnashing his teeth and squeezing them out of his lips. Hello, my dear friends. "She turned around proudly and made a stunning appearance.". Yu Tianqing, the younger brother, was also very cooperative and moved a chair behind her. Ji Yanshi sat back in a domineering manner, crossed his legs, put his hands around his chest, and looked at the two of them and the rich meal on the table: "Please explain." "You should explain first?" Tan Xi's face was full of discomfort and he bit her back. "OK ~" Ji Yanshi was in a good mood and really explained, "I just called the waiter here in advance, reported a mobile phone number, and asked them if Mr. Luo's reservation had been arranged, and they were very friendly to tell me the box number." “……” Luo Zixin's mouth twitched, "I haven't seen you for a long time, and I'm good at IQ." "Thank you." Ji Yan nodded proudly, not careful to see Tan Xi to eat people's expression, thinking that today is her birthday, how is she the biggest. Two people secretly dating things, although angrily rushed over to catch adultery, but in fact Jiyan ten is more happy than anyone else. Now that this has been proved, she is also very sensible, and it is not suitable to stay here for a long time. Smiling, he turned away and asked the younger brother standing behind him, "Comrade Xiaoyu, do you have anything else to say?" "Yes!" Yu Tianqing finally had a chance to speak and said bitterly to the two people who were having a candlelight dinner in the room, "I strongly condemn your behavior and sincerely wish you well!!!" "There should be applause here." The two men smiled and clapped their hands together in a childish way. Then we won't bother, goodbye! After clapping his hands, Ji Yan clasped his fists and bowed, so he took the man away again, leaving two people with inexplicable faces in the box. She just came to brush a sense of existence? Luo Zixin stared in disbelief and asked the man opposite, who thought the girl would at least come for a meal. Tan Xi's expression is light, the original tight eyebrows and eyes finally stretched out,sodium cyanide price, "she dares." He still couldn't understand. "But how did she know we were here?" "Nonsense, you are so boring that you only know this shop every time you come and go on a date." Tan Xi gave him a white look. Luo Zixin's face was full of grievance: "Do you think I'm boring now?" "Not now, always." “……” 。


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