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"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now?

"It's a great honor to be able to join the cast of Return of the Pearl this time. This film and TV series is indeed related to history. Its general story is adapted from the nameless grave unearthed in B city, but its buildings, clothes and jewelry are completely restored to the Qing Dynasty at that time." Huang Deming said calmly. All the reporters in the audience had their brains blown up. It was really a historical drama. They were going to have their own movies and TV dramas in China. Excuse me, are the clothes and jewelry of the leading actor in the Qing Dynasty? "Not bad." "Miss Bai, how did you come up with the idea of writing this historical play?" "I also came up with this idea when I saw the nameless grave. According to the information I found, the nameless grave is actually the mausoleum of the princess of the Qing Dynasty." The promotion lasted for more than an hour before reporters and fans left with satisfaction. "Return of the Pearl" promotional meeting has just ended, the Internet has a lot of Bai Miaomiao several people's makeup photos, looking at the beautiful shape, did not come to the scene of Bai Miaomiao fans, began to cry. " Why didn't I go to the scene? "Miaomiao and their shapes look good, but why did the Second Master's head become like that?" "You found it upstairs, too, my love beans. Whoo, why do I want to laugh?" "I feel a little strange, but I don't know why I just feel very suitable." Fans have been making a lot of noise on the Internet, but the cast of "Return of the Pearl" has no time to take care of it. After their promotional meeting, they left for the new shooting site. The entire "Return of the Pearl" crew came to the film and television base built by Xinghai, which should be said to be a small version of the Forbidden City. Of course, the buildings inside are more exquisite and beautiful than the Forbidden City. As they stood in amazement at the gate,gold shaking table, everyone noticed that a man was standing there not far away. This man was a luminous body, and people could find him first wherever they went. Noticing the strangeness of everyone, Bai Miaomiao followed their line of sight, and after seeing the man clearly, Bai Miaomiao was almost choked by his own saliva. She this period of time for "Return of the Pearl", is simply hiding from this person, did not expect him to appear here. Long Xuan was dressed in a dark gray suit,tin beneficiation plant, the tie on his white shirt was tied meticulously, and his slender legs were wrapped in trousers without a trace of wrinkles. The man was tall and slender, with one hand in his trousers pocket, and walked steadily towards them like an emperor. Well, to be exact, it's straight to Bai Miaomiao. Seeing Longxuan coming in her direction, Bai Miaomiao had an impulse to run away, but she knew that after hiding from him for so long, the man's patience was about to reach its peak. Bai Miaomiao lowered his head and dared not look at him, but he walked up to her. Bai Miaomiao, will you continue to hide? Bai Miaomiao really wants to die. What's the matter with this man? Is it necessary to face so many people to question her? "Return of the Pearl" crew, in addition to Shangguanxue know the relationship between Bai Miaomiao and Longxuan, others heard here, portable gold wash plant ,mineral flotation, all opened their eyes. What is the situation? The president of the Dragon Emperor came here to block Bai Miaomiao? "No." Long Xuan hooked the corners of his mouth and stared at Bai Miaomiao. "Is it true?"? Would you like me to discuss it with you in detail? Bai Miaomiao blinked, "no, no." She doesn't want to lose face. It's a shame to have so many people. Will you hide after that? Long Xuan asked softly. Bai Miaomiao shook her head. How dare she! "All right, let's go in first." Shangguanxue also wondered why Longxuan came to find Bai Miaomiao, but she also knew that now was not the time to ask, so she beckoned everyone to go in first, otherwise she would wait for them to see Bai Miaomiao? When the crew went in, Bai Miaomiao raised her head and saw the man looking at her all the time. What are you doing here? "Because someone left without saying goodbye and then didn't answer any phone calls." Ear came the man's low voice, Bai Miaomiao the whole person felt bad. Bai Miaomiao blushed and said unwillingly, "It's not your own good deed. Why did you make all the trouble and ask me to forgive you so quickly?". ” Long Xuan is speechless, "Miao Miao, let's not make trouble, this is what I did wrong, and I will listen to you in the future!" "Don't." Bai Miaomiao shook his head. Long Xuan wants to go on a rampage. Long Xuan thought so and did so, he hugged her, directly sealed her lips, at the beginning, she still had some struggle, and finally soft in his arms. After a long time, Long Xuan let go of her and said softly, "What I said this time is true. I will discuss everything with you in the future." Bai Miaomiao's face completely turned into a red apple, pushing him away, "I want to go filming, you go back!" Looking at the background of Bai Miaomiao running away, the corners of Long Xuan's mouth rose slightly. Miaomiao, we have a long future! Bai Miaomiao ran back to the location of the crew out of breath and was pulled aside by Shangguan Xue. Bai Miaomiao, what's the matter with you? Why are you with Long Xuan again? Bai Miaomiao also some do not know how to say, at the beginning she promised Xiaoxue, will not be with Longxuan, but now they can not say clearly. Lesser Snow, things are a little complicated, and I don't know what to say at the moment. "Then speak slowly." Shangguan snow looked at her with a cold face, this dead wench is sad is not enough, unexpectedly by him so a coax together again. Bai Miaomiao had no choice but to pick some things to say to her, "In fact, his engagement with Gao Yingying is false, it is for some things that he pretended to be engaged to her." Chapter two hundred and seven "Return of the Pearl" started. "So you forgive him?" Shangguan Xue raised his eyebrows. Bai Miaomiao hurriedly grabbed Shangguan Xue's wrist, "No, no, how can I forgive him so easily?" Shangguan gave her a white look. "It's good that you understand." Although Shangguan Xue said so, but also know a little in the heart, Bai Miaomiao this dead girl will certainly forgive that person in the end. Tired for a day,Portable gold trommel, Bai Miaomiao arranged everyone's residence, also followed Shangguanxue back to the room to rest, tomorrow can start to work. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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