Boudoir Notes _ August Winnie

"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now?

"The servant girl was noncommittal." Please, "she said with a bow. After Han Bocao left, Xu Zhiqing grabbed the servant girl and asked, "What happened just now? I don't think the purpose of Han's visit is good." As soon as the cloud servant girl hesitated in her heart, she did not tell Xu Zhiqing about it. She only said, "It doesn't matter. It's just.." Thank you, brother Xu, just now. "What are you thanking me for?" Asked Xu Zhiqing with a smile. Seeing that she was wearing a fur hat and thick clothes, but her little face was more delicate and beautiful, and her eyebrows and eyes were outstanding, she said with a smile, "When you first came to this place, couldn't you stand the cold here?" Then he came to shake her hand. As soon as the cloud servant girl stiffened, she quickly pulled out her hand and pretended to cough. Xu Zhiqing, however, did not notice anything strange about her. He just said, "It's really cold. You should wear a gauntlet when you come out. You must not. I'll give you one another day." The cloud servant girl had something on her mind. Seeing that Xu Zhiqing kept talking, she said, "Brother Xu, I still have something to do. Shall I see you another day?" Xu Zhiqing felt a little disappointed and said, "Ah, I wanted to take you to eat hot wine with me, but that's all.." Although not allowed to drink, but must send the cloud servant girl back, will be able to stop when the garden. "Good brother, if you need my help, remember to tell me, don't treat me as an outsider,gold heap leaching," said Xu Zhiqing. Cloud servant girl see him so "warm-hearted", had to hand thanks. At noon, when Uncle Chen heard about it, he hurried back. After Uncle Chen asked, he said, "Good master, didn't we agree before?"? We can't be involved with the government any more. If we offend Chief Han this time, how can we live here in the future? "I understand, Uncle Chen," said the cloud servant girl, lowering her eyes,manganese beneficiation plant, "but I.. I can't stand it. Uncle Chen twisted his eyebrows and looked at her for a long time. Then he finally shook his head and said, "Actually, I know. That day at the Tiefan Bridge, you looked at the people who were doing business under the bridge. I knew it when I looked at your eyes." After all, you can't let it go. "I'm sorry, Uncle Chen," said the maid. "Maybe I've done something wrong again." Worried, Chen Shuben laughed and said, "What's wrong with that?"? Brother Feng has never done anything wrong! Before you did not intervene, I really hope that one more thing is better than one less thing, but now that you have intervened, naturally because you can not bear it, just let go, what are you afraid of before and after? At most, it's just a new start. Besides, we're not short of money. We can go anywhere. Only then did she raise her head again. "But now that you've offended someone," said Uncle Chen, "don't go out alone anymore. The fields, the houses, gold cil machine ,Carbon in Pulp, even the people under them.. All these can be bought and exchanged again. Brother Feng has only one. Cloud servant girl originally still some unhappy, heard this, then can not help but slightly red eyes, but eventually smiled. Wang'er went out to inquire and came back, saying that Zheng Shengshi had not yet pronounced the verdict on the case of Wupeng Boat. In the past few days, the case had been reversed several times, and it had already been spread. Everyone said that they would come to see the trial again tomorrow. Maybe there was any rare scene. Cloud servant girl heard that not immediately sentenced Nguyen, in the heart of a sigh of relief, but think of Nguyen, Chunhong performance, etc., but always think impassability is what kind of enmity entanglement, just call these people say and do so deviate. This night, the cloud servant girl thought about the case, can not help but think of last night's dream, suddenly dreamed of Zhao Yi, in her case is really a very rare thing. Originally, when I was in Gaozhou, I often "dreamed" of him. However, all kinds of things about him were almost nightmares. What I dreamed of yesterday was that he abducted her out that day, changed into men's clothes and wandered around the streets. It was a very relaxing scene. In fact, that day was taken out at that time, the cloud servant girl heart only to Zhao Yi willful act of resentment, and afraid of others to see the flaw of fear, did not have other ideas, but last night's dream, it is the taste of two kinds. She seemed to see Cui Yun from another angle at that time. Dressed in men's clothes, she walked in the street fair and square, as free and unrestrained as when she was a child in Gaozhou, but after all, it was the capital, the foot of the emperor, the ominous place of all her memories, but she did such an amazing act. As if she had stepped on the fence that had bound her, the situation at that time, and later when Ren Fusheng said that sentence in the Ministry of Punishment, the cloud servant girl had not yet realized that all these inadvertent actions and words would lead her to a previously unimaginable direction. Just like now. The next day, without waiting for the cloud servant girl's command, Wanger ran out early in the morning to inquire about the news. The first ray of sunlight shone into the courtyard, and as soon as the leaves of Dishui Guanyin fell, a drop of crystal clear water fell on the wet bluestone slab, as if quietly marking a sentence. When the servant girl had finished her breakfast, Wang'er rushed in and shouted, "Master!"! Big news! When Nanny Lin saw that he was so frightened, she was about to scold him. "What's the matter?" She said. Wang'er's face was full of surprise and suspicion. "That's strange," he said! As soon as I left the street, I heard that someone had gone to the Yamen to surrender himself! The cloud servant girl felt a shock in her heart. Before she could ask, Wang'er said, "I'm busy asking who it is. Master, guess who it is?" The cloud servant girl hardly thought about it. "Is it Miss Chunhong?" She asked. Wang'er nodded like a chicken pecking rice. "The master is really wise, isn't he?" Yesterday, because of Nguyen's repeated denials in court, he vowed not to reverse the verdict, plus Chunhong's words. But let the cloud servant girl have no idea. Unexpectedly, there is no way out, but there is another village with dark willows and bright flowers. "Let's go and have a look," said the servant girl. He took Wanger out of the house. Behind her, Nanny Lin called out twice. She was so anxious that she did not know whether to laugh or cry. "What are you doing?"? More and more wild and boundless, the town day only hangs out outside! Dew and Xiaoqing were tittering as they tidied up the dishes. Dew said, "But I feel that aunt.." It's better for our master to be like this. He was there before. In that place, she was always lazy, as if she didn't care about anything,gold CIP machine, but when she came here, she was moved by love, and she was more energetic. 。


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