The court of the Wei Dynasty

Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers? Every parent has a safety responsibility letter about their children in their hearts. Although no one assesses them, they will strive to achieve 100% of the target. Rec

In fact, at this moment, handsome account in addition to Zhao Hongrun line of four people and general Sima An, there are several generals. The generals, except for Bai Fangming, who whistled carelessly, did not express any opinion about Wu Wu joining their advance March, but turned to look at his own general. ……” Sima An gazed at Wu Wu for a while, after all, for the sake of Zhao Hongrun's face, he did not ask this clansman who was not trusted by him to leave. Your Highness, Ji Yan and Le Shi will find out the movement of the Cape Capricorn tribe. As we have estimated, they have gathered hundreds of thousands of troops, claiming to be millions, and are heading for our barracks. "Millions?" Zhao Hongrun was shocked, and his expression suddenly became dignified. After all, there is a huge difference in strength between the two sides. (To be continued.) Chapter 383 of the main text: Pre-war plan "An army of millions.." Inside the tent, the crowd was silent, making the atmosphere a little dignified. You know, even if the Dangshan army and Shang Shuijun plus a piece, and then count the soldiers outside the establishment, a total of less than forty thousand people. And their opponents, who claim to be millions? This Could it be that all the Jie tribes have decided to go to war against Wei? But the problem is, according to the Wei side to get the situation, Jie clan tribes all together, there are no millions of troops ah. Just when everyone was quite suspicious,heavy duty warehouse rack, Wu Wu smiled and said in Wei dialect, "You have been cheated. It is impossible that there are so many soldiers in the Capricorn tribe." "Oh?" Surprised by Wu Wu's opening, Sima An frowned and asked, "What do you mean?" Wu Wu touched his chin and thought deeply for a moment. Then he said slowly, "There are about 240,000 people in the Jie Jiao tribe. They are distributed in and around an ancient city called Henan. Excluding the old people, women, and children in the tribe, there are no more than 50,heavy duty racking system,000 soldiers.". The rest should be slaves. I heard that there are more than 200,000 slaves in the Cape Capricorn tribe. 『……』 Surprised, Sima An looked at Wu Wu, frowned and said, "That is to say, nearly three hundred thousand?" "No." Wu Wu shook his head and corrected himself. "Fifty thousand tribal warriors and more than two hundred thousand slaves." Hearing this, General Wen Xu of the Langshan Army asked in a deep voice, "What's the difference between the two?" "Of course." Wu Wu nodded and explained, "Tribal warriors are brave warriors. They are good at riding horses, shooting arrows, and using high-quality weapons and armor.". The slaves, on the other hand, had only a wooden gun at most, and these people were only responsible for working at ordinary times, in your country's words, almost untrained, and these people went to the battlefield only to consume the enemy. "Cannon fodder.." Zhao Hongrun nodded clearly, after all, Pallet rack beams ,Pallet rack upright, according to Wu Wu's explanation, then the battle still has to be fought, otherwise, if it is really like the news, the other side is an army composed of all the heroic tribal fighters, then they are less than forty thousand people, but also play a fart? "Capricorn people have this habit of fighting, they are used to sending slaves first, consuming enemy fighters.." Sergeant's physical strength, wait until the other side sergeant's physical strength is almost consumed, then send tribal warriors, one breath will destroy the other side all. Wu Wu glanced at the generals in the tent and reminded them: "I heard that your army's way of fighting against the people of Sanchuan is to annihilate them all, leaving no survivors. But this time, I hope you don't dream of killing all the slaves. Otherwise, you can't stop the subsequent attacks from the soldiers of the Jie tribe." The Jie people won't give you a chance to breathe. As for those slaves, no matter how many you kill, they won't feel bad. Those people are just captured from the barbarians in the north. Even if they are all killed, they can be replenished at any time. “……” Sima An glanced at Wu Wu, his expression somewhat silent. Although he did not want to admit it, it was undeniable that Wu Wu's reminder was crucial to their Dangshan Army, after all, their usual way of fighting was to kill any enemy as much as possible, leaving no one alive. But as Wu Wu said, their way of fighting may be dragged to death when they meet the Capricorn people. In other words, this is a very valuable suggestion. What made Sima An feel uncomfortable was that this valuable suggestion came from the mouth of a foreigner, which made him very entangled in his heart. Compared with Sima An's entanglement, his general Bai Fangming did not worry so much. He said with a smile, "Thank you, this clansman brother. This is really the key information." "Just call me Wu Wu." Wu Wu said with a smile. Glancing at Wu Wu with a simple and honest expression on his face, Sima An hesitated, frowned and said, "In other words, our army must change its combat strategy.." "?" Not to mention, like the Dangshan Army, which has always paid attention to the strategy of "good soldiers", the six battalions of the State of Wei were really embarrassed when they encountered the human sea tactics of the State of Chu and the Jie people, which did not take into account the number of casualties on their own side. This is precisely the reason why Zhao Hongrun wanted to expand the number of regular troops of the State of Wei. After all, the "policy of better troops" also had its drawbacks. Later, Wu Wu explained the habits of the Capricorn people to the people in the tent one after another. For example, the cavalry support of the Capricorn people was very fast, because the tribal warriors of the Capric people could eat and drink on horseback. Therefore, it was better not to dream of a sneak attack, otherwise, they would only get burned. Wait, wait, wait. After telling the information about the Capricorn people, Wu Wu left the handsome account on the pretext that he was not feeling well. This makes Zhao Hongrun for Wu Wu's evaluation is improved, after all, Wu Wu will he know the information of the Capricorn people told them these Wei people, but not ready to listen to their war meeting, this is obviously sincere goodwill. This is not, Zhao Hongrun faintly glimpsed Sima An's expression is very subtle, a kind of "obviously do not want to believe in foreigners but have to recognize" expression, constipation-like expression. What to do? General. After Wu Wu left, Wen Xu turned to look at Sima An and asked, "Is that man's words credible?" Sima An took a complicated look at Wen Xu,Industrial pallet rack, as if to say, "You ask me, who do I ask?" 。


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