Total Downloader HD | The Best Multi-site Complete Video Downloader

Discover the best video downloader on the net that download all videos easily on most videos site like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, and more.

If you noticed, many now want to download videos especially on YouTube. One of its solutions is sites designed to have a video downloader.

There are video downloader sites that focus on Youtube so you can only download videos on Youtube. But it is not true that Youtube is not the only video site but many others like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others.

So, the question is how can we download videos on other videos sites? Fortunately, "TOTAL DOWNLOADER HD" is there.

Total Downloader HD is a video downloader site that not only Youtube videos can be downloaded. It is a multi-downloader that can download videos to other video sites.

So if you want to use a multi-downloader site here in Total Downloader HD because it has the feature to download many videos on popular video sites and you have the option to choose video defination or clarity of the video.

Total Downloader HD is a free site meaning you do not have to register on the site to upload videos.

Steps To Download Videos Using Total Downloader HD

1.) Just enter the link to which video you want to download.
2.) Click download button to exit various download links with different resolutions.
3.) Once the different video resolutions have been released, just select the resolution you want. (Note: The higher the MB the higher the resolution and the clearer the videos.)
4.) Just click the resolution you selected then you will notice that the browser opens a new tab to play the video.
5.) If you want to start downloading, just right click on the video screen and click "save video as".
6.) The folder where you will place the video will popup (option: you can change the destination folder).
7.) When you are ready, click the "save" button.
8.) You are done! Enjoy the downloaded video.

Hope this page helped you. If you want to try that downloader, just click the link below.


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