How does China's Guangdong Province cope with the trade challenges facing the garment industry?

Guangdong Province in south China is one of the country's

How China copes with challenges facing clothing industry exports - CGTN


Southern China's Guangdong Province is one of the country's largest garment manufacturers. Garment industry revenue accounts for about one-fifth of the country's total in 2021.

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Brother Plush, located in Dongguan City. It started making clothing in 2014 and exports most of the company's products. However, supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 causing the customer base to shrink

“One of the reasons is that my international clients are not making much money,” said the owner of Brother Plush. “The garment industry itself is not highly profitable. Most foreign businesses depend on exchange rate differences to make money, but now the logistics costs are too high.

after the epidemic Sea freight prices have increased considerably. and air freight So I can't really make money.Foreign trade orders and labor numbers were halved compared to pre-epidemic levels. He added that it currently employs only 50 people.


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