How to maintain the spark plug of the gasoline engine water pump

Maintenance of Gasoline Engine Water Pump

1. Change the oil

When using a gasoline engine water pump for the first time, change the oil for the first time after the first month or after 20 hours of use, and then change it every six months or after 300 hours of use.

2. Maintenance of air filter

Clean the filter element with a non-flammable or high-flammable solution and dry it thoroughly; then immerse the filter element in clean engine oil, squeeze out the excess engine oil, and reinstall it.

3. Maintenance of spark plug

Visually check whether the spark plug is obviously worn or the insulation ring is broken or notched. If there is any problem, replace the spark plug with a new one. Measure the spark plug gap with a plug gauge, the gap is 0.70-0.80 mm. If it does not meet the requirements, the electrode needs to be adjusted to correct the gap and remove the carbon deposits.

4. Storage

If the gasoline powered water pump is not used for a long time, the carburetor oil inlet valve should be closed at the last use and the gasoline engine water pump will be automatically turned off (if not used for a long time, the gasoline stored in the carburetor will damage the carburetor). Pour clean water from the inlet pipe to clean the impeller chamber until the sediment is removed. Finally, discharge the remaining fuel in the fuel tank into a special container for proper storage. Store the whole machine in a cool, ventilated, and dry place.

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