How To Make Money On "My Share Show"?

Maybe others do not know that all members here can earn money while enjoying it on the site. Yes, that's right, we can make money on this site in a very simple way.

How to make money on My Share Show? That's a good question! It's simple, to start earning money on this site, just follow the steps below:

1.) Register at this site: My Share Show
2.) Do not forget to verify your account, first go to your email account and click on the link provided for verification.
3.) Create a Post: That's 6 points.
4.) Comment on any of the posts: 4 points.
5.) React to any post: that's 2 points.

If you accumulate a point of 5000 your income is equal to $1 and if it reaches $10 dollars you can withdraw it through paypal. So, there! It's that simple isn't it? Good luck to everyone who wants to make money online in the simplest way while enjoying the site.

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