How Can Tabbed Content Impact Your Search Ranking?

The search engine doesn't show the tabbed content immediately.

Having the content in tabs makes the website user-friendly that offers a better user experience. As a digital marketer, you know that the user experience is the most important ranking factor. The Accordion has less impact on developing the website's SEO value. It doesn't affect the website ranking and boosts the usability of the Smartphone.  


At all times, Google has ranked websites depending on the user experience. Accordion content has not had as much importance in search engine results as the Search Engine Optimization conditions, showing up if the web page load. The search engine doesn't show the tabbed content immediately. 


SEO And Tabbed Content 


Many website owners use the tabbed content to provide the user's complete details, but they take lower screen space. It is the best way to create the list or link on the website to organize the content effectively. Accordion content is the best design feature due to various reasons. But search engines are used on the main page for SEO. Without clicking the hidden tab, the user can see it instantly, which is helpful. 


Google doesn't release any rules on how it ranks the content. However, everyone knows that search engines crawl the hidden content, and test data showed that contents inside the hidden tab aren't considered necessary. Other search engines treat the search engine optimization terms and content equally, whether in a hidden field. 


Tips To Fix Tabbed Content Issues 


Tabbed content depends on the code, so you can use CSS based method to fix the problem. If you have an issue with the Accordion, don't worry; use the following tips to solve the issue.


  • Signup for a Google Analytics account 
  • Select organic traffic from the +add segment section 
  • Hit the behavior option and select the landing page 
  • Search for Accordion-style pages like control and test subject 
  • Select a page with less traffic 
  • Take out the tabbed content tab from the page only 
  • Develop keywords and links 
  • Google Analytics takes up to six months to monitor results


You can contact the best digital marketing company and get a solution to increase the website ranking.  


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