What Are The Best Ways To Keep Fit and Healthy?

Do you want to be healthy and away from diseases? On this page, you will learn what to do to maintain the health of our body.

I have some advice to prepare your body. Let's follow this:

Advice on diseases:

1. Treat high blood pressure. Avoid complications of high blood pressure such as heart attack, chest tightness, heart failure, stroke, blurred vision and kidney damage. If you have high blood pressure, consult a doctor.

2. Take care of your kidneys and avoid urinary tract infections or UTIs. First, reduce salt in your diet. Second, drink 8 glasses of water per day. This is what you need to keep your body clean.

3. Beware of diabetes and its complications. Limit sugary foods and beverages such as cakes, ice cream, soft drinks and iced tea. Just choose drinking water. Water does not make you fat and it can still cleanse the body.

4. Diabetes should not be neglected because it is fatal. If you experience numbness, constant thirst, frequent urination, or weight loss, see a doctor. Especially if you have diabetes, have your blood sugar checked or fasting blood sugar. When it exceeds 126 mg / dl, it means you have diabetes.

5. Check up with your doctor when you are (1) aged 40 and over, (2) have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke, or (3) have symptoms.

Lifestyle advice:

6. Smoking causes wrinkles and aging. Avoid it.

7. Reduce the rice eaten. Follow the Healthy Food Plate. Divide the plate into four parts. Only one part rice. One part is for fish or meat. And 2 parts for vegetables and fruits. Note: Increase vegetables and reduce rice. That's the secret to getting enough vitamins every day.

3. Take care of your head. Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Do not let your head bump or punch you.

4. Protect your eyes. Do not stare at bright objects such as the sun, light and bulbs. It hurts the eye.

5. Weigh regularly. Find out your proper weight to find out if you are overweight.


Here is a list of the right weight based on age, height and gender.

 What Are The Best Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy?


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