Proper Coughing And Sputum Discharge

Family members get infected easily when one of them has a cold or cough. Proper coughing and sputum discharge is needed if you want to avoid spreading it.

Aside from not washing hands, another cause of contagion is coughing in front of other people. Many diseases can be passed on to others through coughing, sneezing and kissing. These are the diseases tuberculosis, pneumonia, flu, cough and cold. Let us remember that when we are sick and coughing, germs come out of our mouths and noses to other people's mouths and noses.

Children often infect their playmates because they do not cover their mouths when coughing. Learn the proper way to cough.

1. Use a tissue or handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. After using the tissue, throw it in the trash.

2. Do not cough in front of other people. Stay 4 feet away from the person coughing.

3. Do not cough on your hand because it is easier for you to transmit the germ to other people. If you make a mistake and cough into your hand, just wash your hands afterwards. Alcohol can also be used without water and soap.

4. The right direction of coughing is down towards the floor. Do not cough up because you can just spread your germs all over the room.

5. Do not spit sputum anywhere. Spit it in the sink or toilet and wash it with water.

6. If you are sick and cough, do not go to work or school first to avoid infecting others. But if you need to go to work, wear a face mask.

In other countries such as Singapore and China, they have a law prohibiting spitting on the street. This is because there are diseases, such as tuberculosis, that can be passed on to other people. And because tuberculosis is so prevalent in the Philippines, people should beware of coughing and spitting.

When a person becomes infected with TB he or she will need 6 months of treatment to recover. So remember: Do not cough in front of others, do not spit everywhere, and wash your hands often.


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