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New Quest And Dungeon: Solar Diplomacy. Name of the City: Solar Isle. Completed Solar Diplomacy is required to OSRS gold be able to enter. SOLAR ISLE Part I: Quest for a Legned. Quest Name: Solar Diplomacy. Quest Requirements: Legends Quest, Dream Mentor, and Druid Ritual. Skills: 55 Agility 70 Magic, 80 Attack, 80 Strength, 75 Defense, 75 Woodcutting, 75 Firemaking, 35 Crafting, and level 65 Herblore.

Recomended: Ability to defeat multiple level 90+ Guards, Level 80-90 Enemies resistant to nearly all weapons and a Level205 Boss, immune to range. Talk to Sir Radimus Erkle, a member of the Legends Guild, to begin. Radimus Erkle: Many greetings, (Player Name). I don't have time to spare, for a problem is arising.

Do I have any help? Maybe, but I need to be very careful..... you'll face a myriad of dangers. I'm not afraid of all evils. This is the quest that I'm willing to take on! You can do what you like, (player name). Contact Lokar on the docks in Relleka. Hey! (Player Name) what can I do today to help you? Radimus has sent me. He has asked you to be able to tell me about his "Problem of Great Evils"

Yes I am able to. I can. Freminnik aren't the only enemy of the inhabitants of Lunar Isle. In the past, there was a tribe that was at peace with the Lunars until.... the day..... What day?

The day of the Solar Ritual. The Solar Tribe once peacfully lived on and controlled the majority of the island until the Lunar People had a catostrophic war. They were forced to a large deserted island. The Mages of Lunar Isle were worried that the Solar Tribe was planning something and they traveled with an army to take out the Solars. The Lunar Mages attacked as the Solars began a ritual. The ritual was meant to enslave the Lunar People, and control them as puppets of war. The mages stopped the ritual and killed the Solar Tribe's King. The Tribesmen fled in terror and cheap RuneScape gold never saw again until now.


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