List Of Diseases From Not Washing Hands

What are the list of diseases from not washing hands? How can we avoid it to live a healthy and disease-free life.

We have habits that can harm the health of others. One of these is not washing your hands after urinating or defecating. According to a DOH study, only 20% of children wash their hands after using the toilet, and only 44% of adults.

This is because many people think that their hands are clean, but they are not aware that they have millions of bacteria in their hands. If we do not wash our hands after defecation, the germs can be transferred to the faucet, door and flush handle. And when someone next handles these items they can become infected.

What diseases can it possibly cause? These are diarrhea, hepatitis A, salmonella, typhoid fever, cholera, amebiasis, worms, sore eyes, and skin infections. There are people who are "disease-carriers" or carry diseases such as typhoid and stomach worms that do not feel anything. They can pass the disease on to others through their dirt.

If you are worried that your skin may become dry and wrinkled, use a "moisturizing soap". Do not use laundry soap as it is hard for our hands. Another way to keep skin dry is to apply lotion after washing hands.

It is sad to think that many people do not wash their hands after using the toilet. Hopefully we can change this bad habit. It is not only for our health, but also for the benefit of other people.


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