Undeniable Proofs That God Exists

 This is probably no more important question that we should know as beings on earth than this question:

Is there really a God? Is it true that we were created by a loving and powerful God? Is it true that everything we see was made by God or just an accident as the Theory of Evolution teaches us?

Friend, today, we want to prove to you that there is a God. We want to help you strengthen and strengthen your faith in God who created everything.

When something is created, there is a Creator

I want you to think about it my friend. You are walking on the beach and you see a watch. This watch could be Seiko, Timex, or even Rolex.

Can you imagine that this watch was created by itself? What if I told you that this watch was created after billions of billions of years of "evolution." The elements came together spontaneously. There were first and second hands, gears, glasses, numbers, and whatever else was needed to make the watch. Not only that, these elements spontaneously layered, came together in the exact place, and became a watch that can tell you the exact time!

Can you believe this watch just popped out of the sea without anyone making it? Does it not occur to you that this watch is from the sea? If you were to be true to yourself, you would say that this story is utter nonsense and a lie! But, did you know that a single cell in your body is more complicated than a watch! Not including the highly complex galaxy we see today.

If so, the whole creation did not just appear without a creator. This is a proof that if there is a creation, there is a creator and in this case, the Creator is none other than Yahweh our Father.

Therefore, the teaching of the Bible is correct when it says in Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

There is no life if no one gives life

In science, we have what is called the Law of Biogenesis. Note, this is a Law and not a theory. There is a big difference between Law and Theory if you are discussing about science.

When you say law, it has been proven. When you say theory, it is just a theory and has not been proven yet.

If so, between the Law of Biogenesis and the Theory of Evolution, the entire scientific community believes in the Law of Biogenesis because it has been proven and unlike the Theory of Evolution which until now remains only speculation.

Why am I telling you this? I say this because the Law of Biogenesis says that life can only come from another living thing. That is, the dog will only come from the dog. The cat is from the cat. Man is from man. The buffalo will only come from the buffalo.

Have you ever seen a rock that turned into a fish, a dog, a cat, or a buffalo? It's funny, but this is what the Theory of Evolution teaches! It's sad but in our schools and universities, the Theory of Evolution is taught as if it were a proven fact, which in fact it is not! 

Because the Law of Biogenesis is true, the life we ​​see today will only come from another living being and in this case, that Life is Yahweh who created it.

Did you know that Sir Fred Hoyle, one of the most famous astrophysicists in Britain said that the chance that life started as an accident only has a chance of 1 is to 10 to the 40,000th power! And do you know that anything that is higher than 1 is to 10 to the 50th power is called the impossible to happen but here, not only 50th power but to the 40,000th power!

It can be seen that it is not only impossible for life to come from non-life, but impossible-impossible indeed!

You will see that it is very impossible that our life is just an accident here in space. The only explanation we can get from all this is that life is made and given by God.

It is true what Genesis 2:7 says:

Then, the Lord God formed man from dust, he breathed into his nostrils, and he became alive.

The law needs a Lawgiver

Have you noticed my friend that in our world there are natural laws that exist. In a universe believed to be the work of chance and luck, can you explain the stunning precision and immutable laws of nature?

Why is it that every time you drop something it hits the ground? Why is it that every time you wake up in the morning, you know that the sun will rise? Why is it that whenever something moves it stops without energy? Why can a huge ship float in the sea but a very small and light coin sinks in the water?

All this is due to the natural laws around us. They do not change and are always the same. All the laws we see in space must have been there before life existed on our earth. Even if one of these laws changes and changes even a fraction, all life will be lost or it will be impossible to have life.

Obviously, if there is a law, someone gave the law and that is our God.

James 4:12 says:

Only God gave the Law and he is also the judge.

In other words, God alone has given the natural law for our world and the entire universe.

Need of a Law Keeper

Yes, there are natural laws in our universe. But, like human law, there must be something to uphold it.

The law cannot just be given. It also needs to be kept in existence at all times and seasons.

That's why, you won't see a dog that gave birth to a dog last year and then give birth to a kitten this year. You will not see mango trees that bear guava fruit. You will also not see a person whose feet do not return to the ground after jumping.

Friend, our God not only gave the laws but he also maintains them himself.

Designs Need A Designer

Do you see how beautiful our world is? Perhaps, you have tried going to the mountains, the sea, or the forest. Even at sunset and sunrise — you can see the absolute beauty of our world.

Even if you look at space full of destruction and destruction, you will find that they are still amazing to look at.

All the designs you see can't just come from the theory of Evolution. All the beauty you see was designed by the one powerful, wise, and creative God.

If we are already amazed by the things that our eyes can see, what if we use a microscope to see the very small things in this world?

Let's take a look at a person's DNA. If you don't know, friend, our DNA has codes or languages ​​that are very complicated. Did you know that our DNA has 3 billion genetic letters - 3 billion! This is equivalent to 12 sets of The Encyclopedia Britannica or 384 volumes of books that can fill 48-feet library shelves!

DNA carries information and information is immaterial. It is not touchable but this information is written in our DNA.

Like a paper, we know it's material. But, when you write to him, what you write is the information. The letter does not just appear on a paper unless you write. 

The same goes for DNA. God is the one who wrote the codes and information that directs how a cell will form a nose, eyes, hands, hair, and different parts of the body.

We will see that the Theory of Evolution is really impossible to happen and the only explanation for our existence is the existence of God.

Fulfilled Prophecies

Did you know, friend, that a large part of our Bible is about prophecies? Indeed there are thousands of prophecies we can read in the Bible and most of them have already come true!

There are so many fulfilled prophecies, I cannot reveal them to you here now. But, I will give you examples.

The prophecy that we read in the book of Daniel about the kingdoms of the earth was fulfilled in the course of time. In his book, God showed the four kingdoms that will be the strongest nations on earth. Here are the Babylonian Empire, Medo-Persian Empire, Graeco-Macedonian Empire, and Roman Empire. These kingdoms, from the Babylonian Empire, were written in the Bible thousands of years before they even started!

Furthermore, the prophecies about our Savior Yahshua or better known Jesus are also amazing. According to a study, the chance of all prophecies about the Messiah being fulfilled by one person is "one chance in one hundred million billion" or more than the number of people who have lived and died on earth!

We will see that the prophecies in the Bible are not just man-made prophecies. These are events that only the Lord knows and can reveal to his prophets and fulfill them.

Fulfilled Prayers

Many prayers have been fulfilled because of our faith in God. Perhaps, in your life, you witnessed how the Lord answered your prayers. There are times when you can't explain what happened. You will see no other explanation but the love of God who fulfilled your prayer.

There are many examples of answered prayers or fulfilled prayers. An example of this is George Mueller. He died in 1898 but before he passed away, he founded five large orphanages in Bristol, England.

According to records, Mueller's foundations and orphanages have collected approximately 1,400,000 pounds or 7.2 billion pesos in our time.

And do you know how he did it? The answer, answered prayer. In fact, George Mueller started in a small orphanage. All the money he spent for food, clothes, and construction of buildings all came from donations. In times of need, only prayer is what he clings to. Thus, his small orphanage grew until it could take care of approximately 10,000 orphans.

Many may think it's all just a coincidence. But, the truth is, answered prayer is a result of direct blessing and favor from God. Answered prayer is a result of obeying His commandments. This happens because of our praying, believing and asking for his will in every prayer we say.

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